{Lilliana} – {A journey through a family/portrait with moi.}

(Update : 2 Photographs of Elijah added on the bottom.)

All photographers treat family and portrait sessions differently.  I, for example, prefer to do them outdoors during ANY season.  Weather appropriate clothing can look cute and photo-worthy at any time of year.  As we approach the colder months – there is nothing a warm coat, cute hat, mittens, and a warm sweater can’t fix.

Backyards, backyards, backyards!  This is the key to most family sessions.  Where are you most comfortable?  Home.  As a photographer it is my job to make sure you look relaxed (and wonderful!) in your photographs.  I believe the setting has a HUGE part in accomplishing this.  If you have a yard that is at least 6 feet wide – we can accomplish a highly successful photo shoot there.  A lot of space is not needed.  (For those of you who do not have a yard – a park where your family is comfortable also does the trick.)

These photographs below were literally (100% serious here) taken in less than 5 minutes.  Being a mother of 2 I know a few things about photographing children.

  • They do not sit still.  (This actually ALWAYS makes for better photographs!  Siblings chasing one another – parents chasing the children..etc.  It comes out NATURAL (because it is!), and natural always looks wonderful.
  • They are curious.  (Like above – it also works wonderfully.  The children explore – the parents follow along.)
  • They only want this strange lady pointing her giant camera in their faces for a short amount of time.   (I think on my toes, I figure out the lighting lightning fast (haha), and shoot stress free.
  • They want to have FUN!  I know how to be goofy, run with the kids, make it a grand old time.  Ask anyone whose children I have photographed.

Without further adieu – here they are.  My little Lilliana.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage16 18

To book a session with me simply email me at caitlinnmahardaniels@yahoo.com, contact me via my website, or find me on Facebook.  We then set up a date and time, you wear something lovely, I show up, and we accomplish something magical.



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